Saturday, August 12, 2017

RELAUNCH! - Episode One: Vision Casting, Past Postings, and Bad Catchphrases

I'm so happy to be doing this again!  This is the official RETURN of "Empty Checking!"  You know how when Doctor Who came back with Doctor #9 they'd been off the air for a long time and instead of calling it series #40 or whatever, they called it "Season 1, Episode 1?" Well that's pretty much what I'm doing here.  Empty Checking was gone for six years and now it's back...and I'm calling this "Episode One" and numbering it sequentially from there.  The past is gone...and this is NOW.

I'll let the podcast speak for itself, because I talk about where I'm going with it at let's get to it!  (Side note, I only used one swear word in the whole of the 30 minutes. I hope you have fun looking for it.)

EDIT (8/12): It turns out I actually use TWO swear words, because I left in an "ah, fuck" at the end of the podcast where I did a retake and failed to edit it out!  Wasn't aware of it until today.  Enjoy!  Fewer mistakes in the next episode!

For those who absolutely NEED a preview, here's what's going on in the episode:

I'm talking about why I stopped in 2011 and why I'm restarting now.  I'm talking about what to expect in the upcoming weeks, I'm barreling through the list from my last post in 2011, where I more or less promised to talk about a dozen or more items--it took 6 years, but I did it today!  And then I'm going into detail on the following subjects:
  • Doctor Who and my thoughts on the first female Doctor.
  • The death, music, and final album of Glen Campbell.
  • George Saunders' book "Lincoln in the Bardo."
  • ProWrestling Loot
  • Dinosaur Jr and J Mascis
As stated in the audio, I'm looking for guests to join me on the show from time to time.  If you'd be interested in joining me and talking about something, hit me up in the comments!

It's so good to be back!  Here's some photos of the stuff from today!

Glen Campbell passed away this week and it was my sad pleasure to sing his praises on this episode.

"Lincoln in the Bardo" is one of the best books I've read in 10 years.

I've learned that I love Dinosaur Jr.  Who knew?

Listen to the talky-thingy to hear my thoughts on the first female Doctor!

El Santo and Goldberg. The team no one asked for.

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