Thursday, August 17, 2017

Episode 2: This Time All the Swear Words are on Purpose

Episode two is up!  From this point forward, you can pretty much expect an upload every Thursday.  Thanks for listening!  Here's the embedded player, with a preview and some photos to follow...

In this week's episode, I talk about the following subjects:
  • Paul Auster's "4321"
  • Denis Johnson's "Jesus' Son" and "Train Dreams"
  • Manchester Orchestra's "A Black Mile to the Surface"
  • Father John Misty's "Pure Comedy"
  • Big Star (in general)
  • WWE Wrestling
  • Broadchurch
  • And a personal appeal for contributions to RAINN
Here are some photos.

Paul Auster's "4321"  Or a handful of words from it, anyway.
Pen for scale.
Manchester Orchestra's "A Black Mile to the Surface."  The surface of what is unclear.
Father John Misty's "Pure Comedy" - The cover comes in a variety of colors. I like red.
Most of my Big Star collection on my desk. And a small look into some of what I use to record the show!
Broadchurch and a cameo by myself in the mirror. I like this picture.
My present charity of choice.  Please visit for more info. (To be clear, RAINN in no way sponsors this show or blog.)

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