Thursday, August 24, 2017

Episode 3: A Tribute to Jerry Lewis and More. Also I Said "Steven Webber" Instead of "Steven Wright" at One Point. I'm Aware of It.

This week's episode is special to me because I talked for about a half-hour about a comedy hero of mine who passed away this week.  This one's in memory of the great Jerry Lewis.  And I also talk about a few other things.  And yes, as the post title suggests, I'm aware that at one point I say "Steven Weber" when I mean "Steven Wright."  Enjoy that with my compliments.  Here's the player:

And here's the outline:

  • A tribute to Jerry Lewis
  • Discussion of the Broadchurch series finale (CONTAINS SPOILERS between minutes 29-32)
  • WWE, including Summerslam, SmackDown, and RAW
  • A few recommendations from Glen Campbell's back catalogue
  • The new Guided by Voices albums
  • Brand New's "Science Fiction"
...all that an another attempt to find a catchphrase!  Do it up!

Here are some photos...

I just thought this was fun to do. I think this counts as parody, so no one should try to sue me for it or anything.
I don't know what images to use for WWE stuff. The WWE is litigious, so I don't want to use screenshots or anything.
This is the music I discussed...the bottom right isn't the current Brand New record, but it'll do for the photo...

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