Friday, September 01, 2017

Episode 4: I Was Very Tired When I Recorded, So I Stuttered More Than Usual

On this week's episode we start with an appeal to donate to the Red Cross to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey.  So I wanted to start this post that way too.  Here's the Red Cross' logo and a link:

Please note that the Red Cross in no way sponsors or endorses this blog or podcast.

Or, as of the date of publishing, you can text the word "HARVEY" to 90999 to donate $10, straight from your phone bill.  Or if you are led to give to a smaller organization with less overhead, please do that and don't look back.  Give give give to the group you think will help the most.  I gave to the Red Cross because they're a trusted name and a good place to start.  I have a personal friend in Houston who has a non-profit organization at and they do good work, too.  Please consider donating to them, if you're looking for a smaller, locally based group whom I personally know and trust.'s the podcast!

In this week's episode, you'll hear me talk about the following:

And I'm sure I said some other stuff.  Lots of links to click above!  And here are a few photos below...

Cool handwritten, personalized note from Fishboy! Yo! Fishboy!!!
My Fishboy collection (so far).
Other music I discussed: Japandroids, Jason Isbell, Jade Jackson, Aimee Mann, Big Star's Third.
I liked both of these books!
I talked a lot about here's me on YouTube.  I'm at
Long one this week!  Going to shoot for shorter next week...but I hope you had fun!

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