Thursday, September 07, 2017

Episode 5: Yelling, Crying, and a Pick of the Week

In this week's episode I yell about not saying things in arguments that you can't back up, I come very close to crying while talking about something that happened in pro-wrestling, and I give my first and possibly only ever "pick of the week" to Ray Davies' super new album "Americana."  Plus a whole bunch of other stuff.  Check it out at the player below, with an outline and photos following!

Stuff I discussed:

  • Music:
    • A brief "RIP" to Walter Becker of Steely Dan.
    • Deep Purple's "InFinite"
    • (Briefly) Alice Cooper's "Paranormal"
    • Roger Waters' "Is This the Life We Really Want?"
    • Ray Davies' "Americana"
    • Steven Wilson's "To the Bone"
  • TV:
    • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
    • Brief rant about being called a sexist and being told the phrase "batshit crazy" is a sexist thing to say.
    • 30 Rock
    • MASH
  • Pro Wrestling
    • RAW
      • Strowman/Big Show
      • Balor/Wyatt
      • Women's Division
    • SmackDown:
      • Mahal
      • Shane/Owens
      • Orton/Nakamura
    • And Connor's Cure damn near makes me cry.
  • Print Media:
Here are some pictures.  Going to have a guest on the podcast next week, I think!  So look forward to that!

Connor's Cure represents the human side of the WWE and it's by far the best thing they've ever done as a company. I'm proud to be a contributor.
Jim Ousley's a good friend, a good guy, and an incredibly talented musician and author.  Please check out his Kickstarter.  The new comic book promises to be spooky-scary and fun!
Lots of music to listen to this week!
Batshit crazy show. You heard me.  BAT. SHIT.
I'm like three chapters in and I love it.  Paul Auster's great.

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